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Our Alloa maltings started out as a floor maltings in the 1890s. It was part of a much larger industry in Alloa which supported eight breweries by the end of the 19th century due to its proximity to the River Forth and access to excellent barley. In the 1960s the maltings was converted to a saladin box maltings by Bass Breweries.

Crisp bought the site in 2001 and have been making Pot Still for malt distilling, High Diastatic malt for grain distilling and Scottish Ale malt for brewing ever since.

Our new bagging line at Alloa is state of the art, with scrupulous malt dressing and an Alan Ruddock 4 roller mill, so you can be assured your malt will arrive clean and expertly crushed. We’re also using our new quick open bags, so no more fumbling for a penknife to open bags in the malt store.

Scottish Malts

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