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Winter barley is now well established, and growing conditions have been favorable, with crops looking well in the field. The Spring barley drilling period has been prolonged due to rain, making the crop more susceptible to summer droughts. The final quality of the 2023 crop will be weather-dependent so that we will be looking out for forecast weather events over the next few months.

Crisp Malt | Spring Crop Update April 2023In England, spring barley drilling is over 90% complete, with some barley still to be planted in the north of the country.

In Scotland, approximately 60% of drilling is complete, and a dry forecast should allow the remainder to be planted over the next couple of weeks.

Overall, both spring and winter barley areas are down on last year; however, the proportion of spring barley growers opting for the barley variety Laureate has increased in both England and Scotland.

Further afield, the French barley crop looks exceptionally good to date, with highly ffavorable growing conditions. Foregoing any weather events, France could be in for a record crop.

In Scandinavia, crops that have been drilled in good time are also looking well.

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Crisp Malt | Spring Crop Update April 2023

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