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The swings in the UK weather have contributed to a challenging growing season for malting barley.

Field of Winter Barley

However, at present, there does not appear to be any significant issues in England for the 2023 crop.

Winter barley is looking well. A final rain would fill the grains out a little, but yields are expected to be within the 5-year average.



Spring barleys in England are expected to produce some variation regarding quality, with the earlier plantings looking better than those planted late due to rainfall. Spring barley however could really use additional rain over the next few weeks so we will be watching the weather closely.

In Scotland, there is again mixed quality due to the extended planting period, caused by rainfall. With a higher proportion of Spring barley planted later than in England. Due to the later planting period, it is likely that there will be some variation in quality at harvest time.


Group of men standing looking at crops in fieldLooking further afield:

Denmark has seen prolonged dry weather, with some yield loss expected.

Harvest has begun in France, where crops are looking of exceptional quality.

In Poland, there has been drought in the north of the country, from which Spring barley in particular has suffered. However, the south has seen some rain, and plants in this area are looking promising in regard to quality.

Again we will be watching the weather closely across Europe in the coming weeks.

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