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Work history

Jenny started at the company in 1991, working on transport accounts. She input the information manually, helping with purchasing, invoicing and reconciling the books.

After 3 ½ years, I was eyeing up a role in barley intake. However, I was taking a turn on this chair in the office that had been nicknamed the ‘pregnancy chair’. Low-and-behold, no sooner had I occupied the seat, than I fell pregnant with my son, Carl. That put the kibosh on my thoughts of a fulltime role in barley intake: instead I took maternity leave for 7 months.

After that, Jenny returned to a part-time admin role in the laboratory until 2006 when the role was made redundant and she became lab assistant. She had by this time enrolled in night school to learn computer skills so soon reverted back to administration, supporting the then technical director, Bruce Johnson, and production director, Andrew Howard.

When Bruce sadly died and Andrew retired, Jenny continued in ‘the cottage’ (an annex just off from the main office) supporting various departments with administrative duties, and it wasn’t long before this became a full time role.


First impressions count

Jenny moved positions to be seated at the main reception and became the first point of contact for visitors, couriers, and colleagues old and new.

Steve LePoidevin says that Jenny was a delightful, hard-working colleague whose contribution was known and appreciated by all.

We were lucky to have Jenny’s professional support and warm welcome for all those years, and I am sure I am speaking for everyone in wishing her a long and happy retirement. Thank you Jenny.

Luke Bennett adds a memory about coming to the site for his interview and meeting Jenny at the sign-in desk.

When she greeted me, I was instantly put at ease, Jenny has a lovely, warm nature, which made the company seem less daunting, and my interview a little less intimidating. It may seem a simple thing, but it made a lasting impact, as years later, that memory is still fresh in my mind.

Jenny says,

Being on reception was a great way to take myself out of my shell.  I was always meeting and talking to new people from all different kinds of backgrounds. Everyone was lovely and easy to get on with. Not to mention, very supportive as well. The trick was to make everyone feel welcome and important, regardless of the fact they could be interrupting all the jobs you were trying to get done to various deadlines. It was sometimes a challenge, but one that I loved.

Supportive from the beginning

Alongside providing a career full of variety and flexibility, Crisp has also been incredibly supportive. I won’t forget the help I received when my late husband and mother passed away in the same year and also more recently when I was ill. It all encouraged me to keep going and to reach 30 years at the company. It has been a lovely place to work. Of course there were ups and downs throughout those three decades, but I have always felt happy and valued – and that is what you want from your work.


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