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The Life of Maris Otter Episode 2 has landed.

If you’ve not seen Episode 1 yet, make sure you watch it first so you can follow Maris Otter’s journey from the start of its life in the fields. In the last episode, we saw the farmers at B&C Farming prepping the grounds ready to sow the seeds in October. We learned how the growers care for the crop through the cold winter months.

Episode 2:

In this latest episode, we follow this wonderful barley grain from its emergence in February to its growth in June and see what it takes to prepare it for the summer sun. Chris, and the team at B&C Farming, share with us how they take care of the grain during the cold winter months, November to February, and how they encourage growth when the sun starts to shine and the warmer temperatures come through in the springtime, March to June. In June, the grain has grown to its peak height, with tall, green stems swaying in the wind, filling up the fields you may have seen in your area. At this point, we all hope for a healthy dose of sunshine to get the grain to swell and ready for harvest!

In this episode, we also catch up with Dr Dave Griggs, our Technical Director at Crisp Malt, who dives into some of Maris Otter’s rich history—where it started and where it is now. He explains how the grain was a popular choice back in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s and how it still has a huge, worldwide following today. He talks about taste, flavor compounds, growing opportunities, and demand.

“We’ve got growers who have grown Maris Otter since the day it was introduced. So, their grandfathers have grown it, and their fathers are now growing it.” – Dave Griggs

This iconic grain has stood the test of time, and we’re proud to supply it to the masses!

Keep an eye out for Episode 3: Harvest.

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