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It’s finally here: The Life of Maris Otter – Episode 3.

If you’ve been following this docuseries from the start, you’ll know that we’ve seen this wonderful crop being drilled in October, cared for over the cold winter months, treated in the springtime, and popping its head out over the past few weeks. You may have even seen the fields near you start to change, if you’re lucky enough to live in the beautiful countryside. We’re launching this episode as the next instalment – harvest time and storing the crop!

As part of this crop’s life, we hope every year that the sun and rain work together to build the grains up to be full and perfect for the malting process, and therefore the brewing process! As our Maris Otter is grown in the UK, it’s sometimes not that straight forward. Farmers work so hard to produce an excellent barley, despite what the weather throws at them – and most of the time, they do just that!

In this episode, you’ll hear from Chris, at B&C Farming, who explains what happened with harvest in 2023. If you like to see huge combine harvesters in action, want to find out how these magnificent machines work, and want to learn what journey the Maris Otter grain goes through once it’s taken off the field, then this episode may just be your favourite so far.

You’ll also learn about how the barley is stored, and how farmers cool the grain down. B&C Farming cool Maris Otter down to around 10 degrees Celsius to ensure pests and bugs can’t survive while the barley is being stored. The grain then sits comfortably in the stores ready to be delivered to our malting site in Great Ryburgh – ready to become your favourite heritage brewing malt: Maris Otter.

Watch the latest episode of “The Life of Maris Otter Docuseries” today. Or if you’ve not yet seen Episode 1 and Episode, then head over to our YouTube channel to watch those first!

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