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Stage One

Steeping Making Malt | Crisp Malt


A batch of barley is selected and hydrated using up to three immersions in fresh water.

We adjust the temperatures and the timing of wet and dry stages depending on the type and maturity of the barley and the final specification of malt we want.


Stage Two


The sprouting barley is moved to a malting floor or vessel and allowed to grow for four to five days. The moisture and temperatures are controlled to a recipe we have tailored for the type of malt.

This process naturally modifies the barley structure breaking down cell walls and protein, releasing starch and producing enzymes. During germination the ‘green malt’ must be turned to stop the rootlets matting.

Germination | Making Malt | Crisp Malt

Stage Three

Kilning | Making Malt | Crisp Malt


Germination is stopped by gently drying on a kiln for up to three days. We use a stepped programme of temperatures and varying airflows to protect the enzymes within the grain and create the colour and flavour we are looking for.

The rootlets are removed and the final malt is back to looking a little like barley but inside it now has all the extract, enzymes and nutrients essential to making great beer and whisky.


At The Brewery or Distillery


The malt is crushed at the maltings, or by mill at the brewery or distillery and then mashed to convert starch into sugary wort.

With an infinite number of malt and cereals combinations, this is the starting point for a myriad of flavours, colours and styles of beer and spirit.

Making Malt At the brewery | Crisp Malt

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