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Scottish Malt

Up in Scotland we’ve been malting for the distilling industry for the past 40 years and Scotland is blessed with excellent barley.

Traditionally we made distilling malt, but for several years have been producing brewing malt and now regularly send tipper trucks of premium ale and lager malt from our Alloa maltings to some of Scotland’s bigger craft brewers. Until now, for smaller customers who need bagged malt, we’ve not been able to service their desire to use Scottish grown barley in the mash. Other maltsters have got around this problem by sourcing Scottish barley or malt and sending it all the way down to England for malting and, or bagging, but we just didn’t see the sense in making two trips for the barley when one should do.

We listened carefully to our Scottish customers and in February 2020 we opened our bagging facility in Scotland. This allows us to put locally sourced malt into our Scottish customers’ hands, without the unnecessary fuel costs associated with hauling it to England for packaging.

We’re proud of our 100% Scottish malt; grown, bagged and packaged in Scotland. You can have it crushed too if you’d like. We’ll even let you come and collect it if you’re in the area.

Scottish Malts

Scottish Malts

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