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At Crisp Malt we have lived and breathed malting since 1870. With our passion and expertise, we produce and supply the finest UK malt to the brewing and distilling industry across the globe.

We combine traditional and modern malting techniques at our sites in England and Scotland to create an impressive range of malted and non-malted products, including several unique and exclusive barley malts; such as Chevallier Heritage Malt and Clear Choice Malt.

We are brewing malt suppliers to a diverse range of partners; from the independent small craft brewery and whisky distiller to large global beverage companies. We ensure a tailored approach every time for all our customers, only supplying the best malt for their award-winning beers and whiskies.

At our head office in Great Ryburgh, Norfolk our dedicated Technical Team are not only responsible for ensuring all our barley is consistently the highest grade for our malts, but they also personally advise our brewing customers on brewhouse process improvement and beer recipe development. For instance, we can help troubleshoot issues in the mash tun or advise on washback problems for our distilling customers.

We love to share our production knowledge, and best practice with our customers, either through webinars, online articles, on a call or when allowed regular site visits to ensure our customers make the most of their Crisp Malt and that they return happy year after year.

The Heritage Malts – Maintaining 150 Years of Tradition

Working with agronomists, biologists, local farmers, and our malting team at Great Ryburgh, we're proud to launch our Heritage Collection. Find out more about these malts - Chevallier, Plumage Archer, Hana and Maris Otter - the define the past 200 years of brewing history

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