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July 7th, 2023 – Great Ryburgh, England

Richardson Malting (UK) Limited, a subsidiary of Richardson International Limited (‘Richardson’), is pleased to announce today that it has successfully acquired Ragleth Limited, the parent organization of Anglia Maltings (Holdings) Limited (‘Anglia Maltings’).

Headquartered in Norfolk, England, Anglia Maltings encompasses a diverse portfolio of businesses including Crisp Malt, Micronized Food Products (MFP), and EDME Food Ingredients.



We share common values with Anglia Maltings and are aligned in our commitment to operational excellence and exceptional customer service, as experienced handlers of malting barley in North America, this is an exciting next step in our long-term strategy, which includes the diversification of our business and continued growth in the food processing industry.

Curt Vossen, Chief Executive Officer, Richardson International



Anglia Maltings operates seven malt facilities in the UK, Poland, and Germany, with a combined capacity of 440,000-MT. Crisp Malt collaborates with local farmers to source the highest-quality malted barley, serving breweries and distilleries and the food industry worldwide. MFP specializes in the production of cereals and pulses for brewing and animal feed, while EDME Food Ingredients focuses on malted and non-malted products catering to the baking industry.

Given the growing global demand for malting barley, predominantly driven by the brewing and distilling industries, Richardson’s proven track record of strategic expansion and investment positions the company to meet the increasing requirements of an international customer base.

As proponents of innovation, Richardson’s support will enable us to realize our ambitions for new ingredients and open new avenues for our business, by leveraging our operational expertise, we will continue to offer best-in-class, whether it be through the delivery of the highest quality food ingredients or outstanding service to our valued customer base.

Stuart Sands, Chief Executive Officer, Anglia Maltings

Richardson’s latest announcement follows a series of significant investment initiatives in recent years. In 2021, the company made substantial capital investments in oilseed and milling processing facilities in North America and Europe. That same year, the company acquired Italgrani USA, North America’s largest durum miller and a major supplier of semolina flours to international pasta markets.

Richardson will welcome 360 employees from Anglia Maltings into its wider group of companies across Canada, the U.S, and Europe.


About Richardson International

Since 1857, Richardson International Limited has been recognized as a global leader in agriculture and food processing. Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, the company is a worldwide handler and merchandiser of all major Canadian-grown grains and oilseeds and a vertically integrated processor and manufacturer of oats and canola-based products. Over the past two decades, Richardson has become a significant player in the global food business, producing a wide variety of food products and ingredients for the retail, food service, and industrial markets. Richardson continues to grow, thanks to the dedication and innovative spirit of over 3,000 employees worldwide.

About Anglia Maltings (Holdings) Limited

Anglia Maltings started malting in 1870 in Great Ryburgh, Norfolk, England. Today, it is recognised as a leading maltster and grain processor, supplying the global brewing and distilling sectors under the Crisp Malt and MFP brands, and the food ingredients sector under the EDME brand. Operating from 4 different countries, AMH is built on local, long-term partnerships with farmers and merchants. Empowered by our 370 employees, we deliver the highest quality food ingredients worldwide.


For more information, contact:

Kelcey Vossen
Communications and Public Relations – Richardson International

Frances Brace
Anglia Maltings (Holdings) Limited
+44 (0) 743 269 2309

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