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This week, the world celebrated Australia Day and we thought we would catch up with Dermott and our friends at BeerCo who distribute our malts to brewers and distillers in Australia to find out a bit more about them. We have been working with BeerCo now for 4 years and it has been an enjoyable journey seeing the demand for our malts grow in Australia.

Tell us a bit about BeerCo

Our purpose at is plain and simple…to alleviate the world of beer and spirit poverty…one brew and/or distillation happy at a time! is an independent family-owned business that seeks out independent and family-owned brewing and distilling suppliers to help you brew and distil better and brew and distil happily. exists to help brewers and distillers make the best beer or spirit possible from the finest premium quality craft malt and hops and yeast and adjuncts and brewing and distilling aids and equipment available.  We do not discriminate based on the size or scale of your brewery or distillery. We aim to serve all brewers and distillers fairly and equally and give all brewers and distillers the chance to brew and distil amazing award-winning beer or spirits whether they brew at home or in state of the art modern craft breweries and distilleries. Brewers and Distillers everywhere need our help as they search and seek out new and different brewing ingredients and materials from other great artisans and growers and makers to brew the best tasting beer they possibly can and to well, keep beer interesting for you and us.


Beer Co Logo | Crisp Malt Distributor

What are we trying to do @BeerCoAu?

We have set ourselves a little mission….it is a life’s work for us and we do not expect to get there in a hurry but we are willing to brew and distil and drink a lot of good beer and spirits in Our Search for Your Satisfaction.  We will chew on malt, rub and sniff hops, wrangle yeast and brew and distil happy with a lot of different things.  We will do what we have to do to search, secure and procure and evaluate the next great brewing and distilling materials for all brewers and distillers out there!

Think of the BeerCo brand stamp on any product we sell as our endorsement of product quality, independence and assurance that you are brewing and/or distilling with the finest ingredients, materials and equipment possible! So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to start brewing and distilling…happy!


How are we doing it?

So far so good, we searched for and found premium quality independent craft malt from Gladfield Malt in New Zealand bringing their wonderful malt first to Australian craft brewers in 2013 and then opening up access to homebrewers across Australia in 2014.  In 2018 Our Search for Your Satisfaction led us to Crisp Malt – the UK’s Largest Independent Malting Company with a proud malting history of 150+ years.  We now import, sell and distribute Crisp Malt to AU Craft Brewers and Distillers and Homebrewers across this great land.  On-going requests for quality local malt and cereals lead us to Malteurop Australia and UniGrain Australia in 2019. You need more than high quality craft Malt and Cereals to brew amazing beer so we searched for and found you hops and plenty of quality craft hops! We supply premium quality US HopsGR HopsUK HopsEU HopsNew Zealand Hops and the finest locally grown Australian Hops.  Oh let us not forget Yeast – we were the first to bring GigaYeast to you from San Jose, CA and we stock a wide range of quality dried brewing yeast as well. In addition to Malt and Hops and Yeast we have Adjuncts and Aids and Equipment with an ever expanding range based on Our Search for Your Satisfaction! We pride ourselves on acting with integrity and fairness to all players in the supply chain from growers and processors and manufacturers and makers to brewers and distillers.  We have a few core values upon which we have built our business that will continue to drive our attitudes, behaviour and the choices we make as we grow product by product, brewer by brewer.

Our core values are:

  • Authenticity – trustworthy, we say what we will do and we do it, we under promise and over deliver – not the other way around!
  • Service – to you our most valued customers, to our supply & retail partners & the broader brewing & distilling community
  • Speed – end to end delivery and response times
  • Sustainability – we are constantly working to reduce our impact on the planet and bring your brewing & distilling supplies to you as efficiently and effectively as possible
  • Transparency – we are not going to hide from you where your goods come from and who made them. Want to meet the grower – no problem, want to visit their farm or lab or factory no problem. Can we come too?

We always need your help to help us complete our life’s work and achieve our mission!  We are working overtime searching, selecting, testing and procuring great ingredients, materials and accessories to help you brew and distil better. We also need your help!  Become a member of the establishment or join our BeerCo Army – tell us what is out there and what we should be looking for to brew even better beer!

Join the brewing and distilling revolution, tell us what other amazing brewing and distilling materials are out there and we will do our best to search, secure and procure a sustainable supply and deliver it to your brewery and/or distillery door!

Whatever it takes to achieve our mission…to alleviate the world of beer poverty…one good brew at a time.

Come and brew and distil happily and enjoy a drink with us!

Cheers #BrewHappy #DistilHappy always

What range of Crisp Malts do you stock?

Our range of Crisp Malts are as follows and we have stock of all lines ready to ship except for Flaked Rice at the moment.

BeerCo Gladfield Malt Home Brew Shops Order Template

Crisp Malt BaseEuropils Malt3 – 4
Finest Maris Otter® Ale Malt5.5 – 7.5
Best Ale Malt5.5 – 7.5
Heritage MaltsNo. 19 Maris Otter® Ale Malt
Chevallier Malt5 – 7.3
Plumage Archer Malt
Hana Malt
Crystal MaltsCaragold Malt13 – 17
Cara Malt25 – 35
Extra Light Crystal 100 Malt100 – 120
Light Crystal 150 Malt160 – 180
Medium Crystal 240 Malt250 – 290
Dark Crystal 400 Malt420 – 480
Roasted MaltsAmber Malt60 – 80
Brown Malt120 – 150
Low Colour Chocolate Malt440 – 660
Chocolate Malt900 – 1100
Black Malt1250 – 1450
Roasted Barley1250 – 1450
Specialty MaltsDextrin Malt2.5 – 3.5
Vienna Malt6 – 10
Light Munich Malt17 – 28
Dark Munich Malt45 – 60
Rye Malt24 – 35
Wheat Malt3 – 5
Toasted Naked Oat Malt
Naked Oat Malt1.5 – 7.5
Distilling MaltsPremium Pot Still Malt
Scottish Heavy 50 Peated
Crisp CerealsFlaked Torrefied Maize1.5
Flaked Torrefied Rice0.7

What our customers say…

Great Malt

My go to base malt for bitter’s, IPA’s etc. Great colour and malt flavour to work from.

James E.

Product name: Crisp Finest Maris Otter® Ale Malt


Pleasantly surprised

Frankly I was not expecting to be able to taste the difference from Maris Otter and had vaguely assumed it’d been superseded just because it grew better. As it happens there’s a very big taste difference! I had the chance to brew identical but very basic beers with both MO and Chevalier and compare them. The only other thing on the grain bill was a bit of Vienna, and in both cases I used Fuggles as the only hop. Yeast was also the same in both cases. Chevalier tastes a lot earthier than MO, if that makes sense, instead of bread and biscuit. It’s a very large and obvious flavour. Blends very well with Fuggles, and no doubt would work with EKG etc as well. I don’t think it’d go well in a NEIPA as I suspect it would clash with the fruity flavours but might work well in a WCIPA where you want something to balance a lot of bittering – in fact that’s what I’ll try with it next. Well worth having a play with it if the extra cost isn’t an obstacle.

Nick W.

Product name: Crisp Chevallier Ale Malt


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