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It’s been a challenging year – wet, wet, wet!

Crisp Malt | Barley HarvestIt’s been ups and downs, a dash of sunshine plus plenty of rain, and a lot of hard work these last few weeks.

Harvest is never an easy ride, and a huge amount of respect and credit goes to our farmers, drivers, and intake team, who all work tirelessly to get the crop off the field and into our silos, during these unpredictable summer months.

Despite the wet weather, we have made a good start on Winter barley intake at Ryburgh and Ditchingham. Approximately 60-70% of the winter barley has been cut in England so far, but there is concern about getting the remaining tonnage out of the field, due to the persistent rain. Winter barley taken in so far has low nitrogen levels, however high moisture due to the weather conditions and low retention indicating some small grains. In England, we have seen the first few samples of spring barley, which as a whole look promising, but quite variable due to the difference in sowing dates. We are a couple of weeks away from seeing anything harvested in Scotland, where spring barley is again looking variable. Denmark began harvest of spring barley this week, and initial sample results are looking more positive than previously thought.

Rebecca Gee, Grain Procurement Manager at Crisp Malt

Crisp Malt | Barley Harvest

Harvest this year has been very challenging. It started out a bit earlier than normal, but we have been plagued by wet weather since the beginning. Yields are quite varied, with yields and grain quality on lighter land suffering as a result of a dry May and June, but more moisture retentive soils have so far produced reasonable crops.

Chris at B&C Farming

Harvest 2023 is well underway and it’s all-hands-on-deck here at Crisp Malt. This year we are seeing good quality crop from our growers – that’s when they are able to get the combines rolling between the rain showers!

Toby Mitchell, Intake Manager at Crisp Malt


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