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Celebrating our customers

Here at Crisp Malt, we are always proud and excited by what our customers are doing within the craft beer scene, and always find the excuse to celebrate breweries and the hard work they put into making craft beer! We recently took a trip to Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, to visit our friends at Lacons Brewery, to celebrate the hard work they have been putting in these past few years. The team at Lacons are awesome, brewing outstanding beers, and continually pushing the boundaries of what they can produce; that’s why they’ve won over 130 awards, nationally and internationally! It’s a great achievement for us too, to see our malt being used as the basis of such an amazing selection of award-winning beers. The handiwork of our maltsters combined with the brewing expertise and creativity of Chris and Hamish at Lacons is a true triumph.

We brew all our beers with the finest quality Norfolk malted barley supplied by Crisp Maltings, the No1 independent maltster in Great Britain.

As part of our visit, we met with Chris and Hamish, and the rest of the Lacons Team, to discover what goes into their beers, from field to glass. We follow the process, from the barley fields in Norfolk, to our site at Great Ryburgh, and through to the brewery on the Norfolk coast, in Great Yarmouth. It’s a Norfolk thing!

Lacons was first established in 1760 in Great Yarmouth, as a family-run brewery, but was ‘taken over by a giant metropolitan brewer who decided to shut the brewery down in the 1960s’. ‘In 2013, the team reclaimed their independence and started brewing again’. Interestingly, the team ‘called the National Yeast Bank, in 2013, to awaken eight original Lacons yeast strains that had been dormant for almost half a century.’ Today, Lacons brew with these ancient strains. Alongside these ancient yeast strains, Lacons chooses to use our heritage malt, Maris Otter, which provides the backbone to their iconic and timeless beers. A perfect combination of ancient ingredients!

We selected the Extra Pale Maris Otter for all of our base malts, across our real ale range. We’ve found it to be a fantastic maritime barley, which was really going to translate well across our beers. – Chris, Lacons

Watch our Lacons Brewery Case Study today and learn more about how Crisp and Lacons work together to produce top quality beers, using local ingredients, local people, and a whole lot of Norfolk passion!

Bringing local ingredients to local people in the best possible way we can; we wouldn’t change that for the world! – Hamish, Lacons

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