Scottish Provenance

All the malting plants of Crisp are situated in prime malting barley producing areas. These areas have long traditions of consistently producing high quality malting barley. Consequently, it makes sense to procure our malting barley requirements from within the locality of each plant.

To ensure low food miles and carbon impact,  all our Scottish Malt is 100% grown, malted and packaged in Scotland. Our state-of-the-art bagging facility in Scotland means that we are able to put locally sourced malt into our Scottish customers’ hands without the unnecessary fuel costs associated with hauling it to England for packaging.

The map below illustrates how close our Scottish farms are to our Scottish maltings in Alloa.

Scottish Provenance map illustration


John Hutcheson, who grows barley at Leckerstone Farm, Dunfermline, has been supplying Crisp for five years.

From a farmer’s point of view, we’re pleased to work with a company like Crisp which is committed to developing a lasting relationship and shortening the supply chain.

It’s good to know that our barley stays in Scotland and through Crisp there is a direct connection with a Scottish brewery. Provenance has become so important for consumers and brands and having this focus on a local supply chain allows provenance to be tracked from the field right through to the beer.

For farmers, this preserves the identity of the barley and it becomes not just part of the brewing process, but part of the story of the beer itself.


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