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You can’t avoid barley fields when you venture into the wilds of North Norfolk to get to Gt Ryburgh. There’s mile upon mile upon mile of them. This is perhaps the best barley growing region in the world. It’s why there’s a maltings right in the heart of it.

So when our customers come to visit, they see why Crisp Malt is located here. They get a real feel for the connection between – and interdependency of – farming, malting, brewing and distilling.

In June, around 60 customers joined us for an Open Day. Chief operating officer, Steve LePoidevin welcomed them, introducing members of the team. Then they were off.

Steve Lepoidevin introducing the Crisp Malt team at the Maltings Open Day in front of a historical timeline of the company.

Groups were taken around the site, stopping to hear about processes taking place at each point – and about the transformation of the grains at each stage. They also went to local fields to stand close to the crops; see the difference between the varieties; and hear about the science behind successful production.

Maltings Open Day image group looking around barley fields

Maltings Open Day Crisp Malt wort Samples

The Open Day is not a big sell, it’s about passing on our knowledge and expertise. The more informed craft brewers and distillers are, the better it is for the whole industry. It helps them to make more informed choices; to produce better beer and whisky; and to promote the attributes of their products to drinkers. To put it simply, we just want all our customers to be as passionate about malt as we are!

Colin Johnston, our Sales and Marketing Director.


Seeing the processes close up; talking to the team; and tasting different ‘worts’ made with different malts are all intended to inject them with enthusiasm about malt. The good news is, it seems to work. Whenever we host open days, we get fantastic feedback from participants, and this time was no exception. Personal relationships support sales, but you can’t build relationships if all you do is sell at people. Technical support, education, information, understanding of needs and kindness to customers are all a crucial part of the sales mix. Open days really help.

We’re currently planning next year’s Open Day so please stay tuned to find out when that will be.

Maltings Open Day Touring Grounds

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