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Our next release in our limited Small Batch Series is Smooth Coffee Malt. This exciting new malt has been produced in collaboration with the incredible team at Rye River Brewing Co having been gently processed through our state-of-the-art roasting facility, the Speciality Malt Plant.

Through careful application and control of temperature, this low coloured roasted malt offers a delicate smokiness, combined with warm spicy notes, and ends with an intense hit of modern day coffee aromas. It will really make your brewhouse smell amazing!

Smooth Coffee has been made using a modern barley variety, exclusive to Crisp. Choosing this barley variety and its special characteristics means we have been able to achieve an immense smoothness, which further intensifies the coffee-like drinking experience.

As well as the beautiful aromas and smoothness, this product also offers a beautiful deep orange hue which would be perfect for use in Brown Ales or Ruby Beers. Why not layer it up to achieve wonderfully rich Porters and Stouts, perfect for winter months?

We recommend using this malt in up to 10% of the grist and it would be perfect paired with our Clear Choice malt for a subtle sweetness and a latte inspired brew.

During the brew day everyone commented on the smell from the brewhouse – in wort there is a great coffee character. Actual coffee vibe.

Bill Laukitis, Head Brewery, Rye River Brewing Co


Recipe Ideas

To get you inspired on how to use this malt, our in-house brewers have put together the below recipe.

Crisp Caffe Latte Recipe

If you’d like to get your hands on the recipe or the malt, and brew up something super special, just ping us an email at . We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

New Product Ideas

What would you like to try out? What kind of malt (that isn’t already out there) do you dream of?  Let us have any ideas that you would love to see us  explore – especially if you’d like to be a partner in the project.

Put forward your requests to our New Product Development team (, and who knows, maybe you’ll feature in one of our next blogs…

Ready to Buy?

To get your hands on this very limited edition malt, please contact us below. Be quick, there’s only a limited availability!

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Small Batch Series

Small Batch Series

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