Crisp CEO Stuart Sands with photos of a farming landscape and a bowl of cereals
Crisp CEO Stuart Sands with photos of a farming landscape and a bowl of cereals

We have been working closely with farmers & processing barley into malt since 1870


Generations of skilled growers have supplied us with the best quality grain over the years, and we rely on them now as much as we ever have done to provide unsurpassable raw materials.

We have also been working closely with brewers and distillers for over 150 years, ensuring continuity and relevance in the ingredients we devotedly produce and the service we attentively provide.

Our Sustainability Strategy guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) reflects the long-term relationships and our company values. Our inaugural Sustainability Report can be found here: Sustainability Report 2023

Strategy Development


Our Sustainability Report goes into the development of our Sustainability Strategy:

  • The areas our strategy covers
  • How we will evaluate our progress and results
  • Our achievements to date
  • Our aims and objectives
  • The framework for delivery
  • And our commitments to deliver.

Our Six Headline Goals


We are acutely aware of the challenges of climate change to everyone everywhere – and we take our responsibilities to the environment, and to the communities within which we work, with serious resolve.

Having built 150 years of meaningful partnerships, we will continue to put relationships with, and duties of care towards, suppliers, customers, colleagues and communities at the heart of our business.

The details of our six headline goals can be found in our Report, which can be downloaded here: Sustainability Report 2023

If you would like more information about our Sustainability Strategy, please get in touch with our Sustainability Team via email:

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