Adrian Dyter - Managing Director at Crisp Malt

Adrian Dyter

Managing Director

Adrian is the Managing Director of Crisp Malt and is located at our Great Ryburgh Head Office in Norfolk.

Adrian graduated from Wye College, University of London, with a degree in Agricultural Business Management. He started in the malting industry in July 1990 and after a years’ general training took up the role of Production Manager at a maltings in Lincolnshire and bought barley (our key raw material) for three maltings in the county. Successive roles covered Export sales of malt to many regions of the World including Africa, Russia, Asia and South America.

After six years as Commercial Director for a competitor malting company, Adrian and his family moved to Switzerland to work for Carlsberg Supply Company buying malt for Carlsberg breweries around the world, a great experience with some improvement in skiing to show for it! With Crisp since 2016, Adrian works with our customers, suppliers, colleagues and shareholders to manage the company.

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