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Brewers Question Time

Check out our first cross industry Brewers Question Time (think Gardeners Question Time, but with beer instead of plants!). We put together a fine panel of brewers and industry experts including Lallemand, Charles Faram, Northern Monk Brewery and Howard Town Brewery to answer any questions you had about the brewing process and to help troubleshoot problems or provide inspiration in these difficult times.

We covered a whole range of topics and had a some really involved discussion around hazy IPAs and dry hopping.


The Panel

Carl Heron - Craft Brewing Sales Manager

Carl Heron
Crisp Malt Master Brewer


Andrew Whalley
International Sales Manager,  Charles Faram Hop Merchant


Brian Dickson
Head Brewer, Northern Monk Brewery


Stuart Swann
Owner/ Head Brewer, Howard Town Brewery


Andrew Paterson
Technical Sales Manager, Lallemand Yeast




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