Rice Hulls

Tasting Notes

  • Flavourless
Rice hulls in detail | Crisp Malt

Depending on the content of naked oats, wheat or rye in the grist the addition rate will vary between 1 and 5% by weight of the grist.

The hulls should be dispersed throughout the grist to help filtration throughout the bed in the mash.

Rice Hulls are a by-product of the rice industry and they can be added to a grist to provide a filter bed for the wort.

Crisp Rice Hulls have been checked for flavour contribution and wort absorption and due to the nature of how they are processed, they add no flavour or aroma and will not absorb significant quantities of wort, so yield will be unaffected.

Wort clarity and run-off rates will be much improved by using these inert fibrous hulls to form a filter bed.

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