No19 Maris Otter

Tasting Notes

  • Longer, gentle germination
  • & kilning, Imparts unique & highly valued flavour aromas
No.19 Floor Malt maris Otter


5.0 – 7.0

Beer Styles

Best bitter, porters, barley wines




Barley Wine

The No. 19 floor at our Great Ryburgh maltings dates back to when Crisp began and has been producing malt virtually uninterrupted since the late 19th century.

We take our superior Maris Otter® barley and malt it in the traditional way; hand turned, germinated slowly on the floors and kilned for over three days to maximise the robust flavours associated with Maris Otter® Ale Malt. The result is a rich malt of superior quality; a true celebration of heritage and malting knowhow.

This is a bespoke product therefore no typical analysis is available.

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